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The Other D Day

A Day In the Life Of

Overcoming Anergy

Present Day Treatment Options

The Origin Of Cancer

The Butterfly Breakdown

Leverage Your Liver

Find Your Rhythm Of Stress

Stress Is An Opinion

Healing In A Quantum Universe

Spiritual Growth

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  • Course Content

    • The Other D Day
      • More Than Just Drink Your Juice
      • An Apricot Seed A Day
      • Heal Our Land, Heal Our Bodies
    • A Day In the Life Of
      • Listen To Your Mama:  Eat Your Vegetables
      • The Hidden Peas
      • The Keys To The Ketogenic
    • Overcoming Anergy
      • Octopus Tentacles & Other Weapons Of Warfare
      • The Hazmat Suit
      • The Auto-Attack
    • Present Day Treatment Options
      • The Death Of A Dogma
      • Chemotherapy On Trial
      • The Remaining Few
    • The Origin Of Cancer
      • The Raging Debate
      • The Broken Oxygen Mask
      • Remove The Rust
    • The Butterfly Breakdown
      • Your Butterfly Organ
      • Mucin & Misdiagnosis
      • Thyroid Oil Spill
    • Leverage Your Liver
      • Your Bile River
      • Your Liver’s Night Shift
      • Man’s Toxic Fingerprint
    • Find Your Rhythm Of Stress
      • Remove Your Heavy Load
      • Reversing The Never-Ending Domino Effect
      • Become A Balanced Tightrope Walker
    • Stress Is An Opinion
      • The Typhoon Of Trauma
      • The Subtleties Of The Subconscious Mind
      • Your Plastic Brain:  For Better Or For Worse
      • Become Your Own Brain Surgeon
    • Healing In A Quantum Universe
      • The Pathway To Spontaneous Remission
      • Jumper Cables & Your Dead Battery
      • Your Health In Another Dimension
    • Spiritual Growth
      • We All Have An Incurable Disease
      • Dreams Can Change Your Desires
      • Curiosity Killed The Cat, But It Didn’t Kill Me
      • Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
      • Forgiveness Therapy
      • A Blank Slate
      • Experience A Reality Beyond Yourself
      • Transforming Worldviews